The Story of a strange Mage

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The Story of a strange Mage

Post  Kinthia W. Smythe on Wed Aug 29, 2012 10:09 am

(The handwriting is delicate and the books cover appears to be hand-made).
The Story of a strange Mage.

There was a mage that arrived at the Command Center where she well.. Started a rather odd conversasion..

The Mage said: "So.. Pinecones.. What do you think of them Guardsman?"

After a moment with no one speaking...

The Mage said: "Well if you aren´t going to answer me. Then suit yourself! I´ll find my own pinecone to talk to."

She then conjured a pinecone out of thin air and believe it or not.. She began to wisper to the pinecone and soon after she moved it to her ear..

The Mage said: "Whats that? That Guardsman is silly? Yes i think you are right Mister Pinecone."
She said looking over at Sir Bob that was a guard there.

The Mage said: "Mister Pinecone thinks you´re silly. So there."
Guard Bob seemed to stare and not know what to say.

The Mage returned to her conversation with the pinecone.

Guard Bob: "The feth is wrong with her? You high on arcane or something?"
Guard Bob said peering at her.
I could not help myself but to peer at her myself.

The Mage said: "No!" and got what heard to be hiccups right after.
Guard Bob yet again stared unsure in the meanwhile The Mage placed the pinecone to her ear again.

The Mage said: "Whats that? Yes i am the most wonderful Mage in the world Mister Pinecone. See Bob, the pinecone knows what i am."

She then blinked across the command center over to poor Guard Bob where he inspected The Mage in a close range peering. I could not help myself but to grin and try to hide my laugh at this point.

Guard Bob said: "Did you do anything out of the ordenary?"
The Mage said: "Don´t be daft, I can´t do such, or well barely anyway."

She then again placed the pinecone to her ear and grinned. Leaving poor Guard Bob unsure.

Guard Bob let one last word slip his lips: "..Right.."
The Mage said: "He says Guard Bob is delusional." She said turning her back to Guard Bob.

"Oh!" She seemd to mutter...
From there it became more and more strange.. After the time went on...

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Re: The Story of a strange Mage

Post  Avrak Ragebow on Wed Aug 29, 2012 10:14 am

When you said it was a strange tale, you certainly did not lie!
Avrak Ragebow
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