A letter from the Council of Bishops

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A letter from the Council of Bishops

Post  Avrak Ragebow on Wed Aug 22, 2012 5:23 am

Dear staff of the Cathedral of Holy Light,

It is the current unanimous feelings of this Council (the reputed, honourable Council of Bishops) that up to date 'High Protector Ragebow' has been doing an inadequate job in his undeserved role of Administrator of the Cathedral. It has been decided by vote, that his advancement to the position he holds has not done in the proper manner, and as such, due to his dubious background and his position as one not born into nobility, it is the decision of the Council to review all of his past actions and decisions in regards to the Cathedral.

As such, it is likely that Ragebow will not be back within the time frame he believed. As he is currently under review, we cannt allow him to communicate himself with the members of the Cathedral Staff.

We assure you, that we, the honourable Council of Bishops will come to a just decision, regarding Ragebow's current placement within the Cathedral.

Sincerest regards,

Lord Bishop Franz Decoursi the II,

Presiding member of the Holy, honourable Council Of Bishops.

No one panic! Avrak will return, the same as usual - just well rested. For him it's been a week of political intruige and plots, but he's had plenty of good nights sleep, as well as lots of excellent food! (if anything is to be said about nobles, they eat well!)

As for the reason for my delayed return, I got the dates wrong! I'll be back from the Netherlands a couple of days later than I had expected, not that I'm complaining, it's beautiful, sunny, picturesque and relaxing. As I type this I'm sat outside, in the warm fading sun with a cold beer. You certainly won't hear any complaints from me regarding Holland!

I miss you all, and shall see you soon!

Much love, Avie!
Avrak Ragebow

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Re: A letter from the Council of Bishops

Post  Caronwyn on Wed Aug 22, 2012 6:23 am

I would -really- like to see what would happen if they checked the background on the current administrator.

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Re: A letter from the Council of Bishops

Post  Dalgard Mortenlaum on Wed Aug 22, 2012 11:38 pm

I dare say them bishops be needing a good thwacking with the staff, or maybe just an inquisitorial visit. Rolling Eyes *Readies the hot pokers*

Have fun until you return, Avrak!
Dalgard Mortenlaum

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Re: A letter from the Council of Bishops

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