"A Change of Leadership"-Letter from the Council of Bishops.

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"A Change of Leadership"-Letter from the Council of Bishops. Empty "A Change of Leadership"-Letter from the Council of Bishops.

Post  Latasha Sterling on Wed Jan 16, 2013 8:35 am

An official letter is pinned to the notice board, bearing the seal of the Council of Bishops.

Dear Staff and Associates of the Cathedral of Holy Light,
It should have come to your attention that Father Santana is no longer present amongst you, and has not been for some time. He has been absent for a long while and we feel neglecting his duties as Administrator of the Cathedral. Once found, he will report to us and give further detail on his reasons for such an extended period of leave from his role in the Cathedral. He is still deemed in writing as the Official Administrator of the Cathedral, however when he returns his resignation will be demanded. For the time being an Acting Administrator will be put into place, they are still to be treated as an Official Administrator and we trust you will give whomever it may be your full support.

Sister Caronwyn Radnor was due to take up this position, however it has come to our attention that she is unfit to do so due to a pending investigation by the City Guard. She is to remain in the Cathedral building, at the City Guard's order, and is prohibited under any circumstances from leaving it. We have been informed that Sister Karlotte Laurier is also under similar investigation, and also confined to the Cathedral. We expect them to be treated in the same manner as anyone living in the Cathedral and trust that full cooperation will be given to the City Guard during this time of investigation into the pair.

An emergency session has been held in the past day and we are pleased to tell you that a unanimous vote has been decided from candidates deemed fit to take on the role of Acting Administrator and then Administrator. The person chosen, is Sister Latasha Sterling, previously Grulford, she has been deemed fit due to her exemplary work so far as a Medic, determined work ethic, and quick rise through the ranks of the Cathedral. Thus we hope you will support us in this decision and Acting Administrator Sterling in her new role. The Cathedral, and the Church of the Holy Light must endeavour to carry on with it's own role in the community and I know you, as it's ambassadors will ever strive to make sure it does!

Sincerest regards,

Lord Bishop Franz Decoursi the II,

Presiding member of the Holy, honourable Council Of Bishops.

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