A new High Protector. [19/1/13]

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A new High Protector. [19/1/13] Empty A new High Protector. [19/1/13]

Post  Latasha Sterling on Sun Jan 20, 2013 8:05 am

Dear Staff,
We have a new addition to our ranks, and someone to fill the role of High Protector. Miss Terrasha Dawnborn will fill this role, I deem it fit to appoint her such, due to her leadership skills, fighting ability, and experience within the Order of the Silverhand, from which she transfers to us under high regard from Knight-Commander Truegard. I hope you will make her welcome and value her experience as much as I will. She will be at the rank of Advisor, along with the Head of the Clergy who is yet to be appointed, and will help me run the the Cathedral. However Miss Dawnborn's priority will be to keep this building and it's inhabitants safe, liaise with the Guards and Order of the Silverhand in order to do so and to over see the recruitment and training of new Protectors.


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