A mission of Mercy: Westfall

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A mission of Mercy: Westfall Empty A mission of Mercy: Westfall

Post  Terrasha Dawnborn on Thu Feb 14, 2013 10:14 pm

*Written in a flowing script*

Fellow members of this Church,

As you all know, since the Cataclysm the people of the Alliance have fallen on hard times. Due to the destruction caused, many refugees have fled to these lands and have nowhere to go. Having discussed this matter with Administrator Sterling, we shall begin to plan a mission of mercy for the people in this land.

Our first stop will be Westfall. On out mission, we will provide relief to the refugees by offering medical supplies, medical help, food and clothing for these people. This mission will have several critical stages which have to be completed before we can move on to actually heading for Westfall.

Underneath I will list a step of the phases to this plan:

Phase 1: Gather the supplies.

First we must gather supplies that we can take to the people in Westfall. We will begin by actively campaigning to gather in donations and non-perishable supplies. "Donation bags" will be provided by all heads of staff, in which anyone can accept donations for the mission. It is important to note, that while we would appreciate donations of fresh food, other perishable supplies and clothing, we cannot bring these to the people of Westfall on time. Please make this clear to people. You are all welcome to gather donations at your own initiative, however if there is any word of the donations having been "extorted" or stolen, there will be a harsh punishment.

Phase 2: Still to come.
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