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Here we go again! Empty Here we go again!

Post  Latasha Sterling on Wed Mar 13, 2013 6:23 pm

Alright here goes...This guild seemingly has come into decline once more, and I have no qualms about saying that it is my fault due to being rather busy recently with rl issues. However, this old girl still has life in it as a guild. So, here are my suggestions, we start putting down regular meetings, on Sunday evenings like the last one, once every two weeks. We have a Westfall event to be planning, so any suggestions on events pertaining to that will be greatly received. I think things like charity dinners, and actively collecting around the city would be good ways to involve the whole community, as well as show what fun we can be as a guild. I will also, once I have time, be starting up my once every two week talks. I would love for more of you to come back, I would not want to see this guild die on my watch, it has a lot of history here and a lot of people have a deep respect for it so lets show them what we still got! Smile

Please, if anyone has event ideas, shout them this way to me or officers, this is our guild, not mine. I am just the one trying to organise things.
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