The voices of our characters.

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The voices of our characters. Empty The voices of our characters.

Post  Nessa C. Twinklesprocket on Tue Oct 22, 2013 5:10 am

Shamelessly tossing over my own thread from another forum. The Guards', specifically. Simply put, it's a thread to share your views on how you imagine your characters sound like. To me it's an interesting subject since voice acting fascinates me and I believe people focus a little too much on how their characters look and act. Voice is an important aspect if you ask me.

Do drop some video examples, please! :3

WARNING: I'm an anime nerd, so I mostly use Japanese voice actors (seiyuu). Naturally, I tend to disregard spoken languages and dialects and focus more on the voice itself. I'm not saying you have to, just stating my point of view regarding my own selections.

Louisa: Louisa "Buzz" Garneau from Jagged Alliance 2. You can find a little bit of her speaking here, here and here! (finally found vids with her!)
Suzanne Vega goes really close to that. You can thank Erulasse for finding this one.

Mong: This is actually a tough one. Perhaps Dani Klein.

Irethël: Yui Ishikawa. Example video here (From the start to 01:20 - The black haired girl, naturally)

Amariel: Without a doubt, Megumi Hayashibara.

Gibbles: Kaija Koo. Yes, really.

Nessa: Virve Rosti. I'm serious, I find it easy to associate Finns and Gnomes voice-wise.

Rodeldë: The voice of the infamous EVA from the Command & Conquer franchise. Just add that creepy Death Knight echo to it. Her speaking is a deadpan monotone too, so it's really fitting.

Idaris & Sidari: Martika. While these two Draenei sisters are not twins, I can easily imagine them essentially having the same voice. The primary differences being in their dialects.

As soon as I find more, I'll be adding them to this post.

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The voices of our characters. Empty Re: The voices of our characters.

Post  Terrasha Dawnborn on Thu Oct 24, 2013 1:12 am

Minzhu Steelpaw: Tigress, from Kung-fu panda Razz

Terrasha Dawnborn: Jennifer Hale (known from the Mass effect female Shepard voice.)
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