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Current Cathedral Volunteers Empty Current Cathedral Volunteers

Post  Avrak Ragebow on Fri Aug 03, 2012 1:10 pm

Here follows the Cathedral's current Volunteers:

- Members of the Order of the Silver Hand
- Moon Priestess Ailuro Fogsight
- High Magistrate Ellen Varr
- Priestess Myralene
- Aramor Stern
- Guardswoman Madyson Crust
- Tech Priestess Nessa Lightsprocket
- Surumi
- Pilot Hogan McTaggit
- Brother Garadurn Highpass
- Richard Robertson
- Medics from the Thirteenth Regiment whenever stationed in Stormwind
- Witch-hunter Rosaline Faithwarden
- Wardancer Shantao Feng
- Tai Mei Feng
- Captain Jarel MkTavish
- Sergeant Louisa Sterling
- Corporal Kylae McSilver
- Corporal Erulasse Nightsong
- Commander Arellano Stormgarde
- Avelii

- This is set to grow, at the moment I am not fully aware of who possesses a Volunteer Badge.
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