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Post  Avrak Ragebow on Tue Aug 14, 2012 12:57 am

Hello everyone!

As most of you are hopefully aware, on Tuesday I leave on a family holiday to the Netherlands! I shall be gone from the 14th through to the 25th of August.

Preparations and plans have been put into place for the continued smooth running of the Cathedral and the Guild whilst I'm away.

To begin with, Caronwyn has been placed 'in charge', as the second most senior member of the Guild's Officer team it falls to her. Both on an IC basis, with the Administration of the Cathedral, and here, on the forum, where she's also an Admin. I trust you'll all make it easier for her by remaining active and contributing as you all usually do with the RP around the Cathedral.

As you can all clearly see, the Forums are up, and operational, I hope this will give you all some cause to continue to RP within the Cathedral on your members of the Guild during my absence, this will also help me check to see who's continued to RP exceptionally during my absence, and will thus contribute towards people's next promotions.

Activity will be monitored whilst I'm away, by several different people, or spies, if you want to feel like it's the 1960's. I'm fully aware that last time I left (admittedly, with little to no time to plan for it) the RP activity amongst members of the Guild dropped dramatically, and it was remarked, with a couple of exceptions, that Cathedral RP had died. We don't want this to happen!

I shall leave all the relevant information with those that need it regarding current story-lines that the Cathedral is involved with (Outside of all the usual drama we get in the Infirmary).

All that's left for me to say is, whilst I'm away I'll attempt to pop on the Forum as often as possible, so if any of you need anything, do not hesitate to 'PM' me on the forum. And for you all to have a lovely week and a bit without Avrak looming over you!

Avrak Ragebow
Avrak Ragebow

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Mr. Avrak's Holiday Empty Re: Mr. Avrak's Holiday

Post  Elodya on Tue Aug 14, 2012 2:52 am

If you would've come to Bruges in Belgium I'd take you for a drink :p


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