High Protector Ragebow's upcoming absence

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High Protector Ragebow's upcoming absence Empty High Protector Ragebow's upcoming absence

Post  Avrak Ragebow on Tue Aug 14, 2012 1:05 am

Rather unexpectedly, I have been called back to meetings with the Council of Bishops and other leading Clergy-Folk. This time the meetings are taking place in Lakeshire.

What they wish to speak to me regarding, is a mystery to me, but in their letter they said to expect me to be gone for more than a week. I shall attempt to cut these talks short, as often they're on a political standpoint, rather than a religious one.

You all have my most sincere apologies for this, but know, it is not my decision, I must still abide by the rules and legislation laid down by the men and women on this Council.

During my absence, I shall be leaving High Physician Caronwyn Radnor as Administrator of the Cathedral, any issues that should arise whilst I'm gone should be taken to her.

I depart on the morning of Tuesday, and I cannot give you specifics for when I shall return, due to the indecisive nature of these meetings.

Kindest regards, and Light Bless you all.

- Avrak Ragebow.
Avrak Ragebow
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