Dooggie Valentine's Trial [Completed]

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Dooggie Valentine's Trial [Completed] Empty Dooggie Valentine's Trial [Completed]

Post  Avrak Ragebow on Sat Aug 04, 2012 5:03 pm

Due to the animosity directed toward Dooggie Valentine, High Magistrate Ellen Varr has requested that Mister Valentine be escorted to his trial by Cathedral Protectors rather than members of the City Guard.

Any Protectors willing to do so should speak with myself shortly, though the date for the trial is yet to be decided.

Protectors involved in this task will need to have some specialised lessons in the finer points of escorting, which will be provided.

Taking part in this action will go towards your next promotion.


High Protector Ragebow.
Avrak Ragebow
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