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The new Cathedral of Light Empty The new Cathedral of Light

Post  Terrasha Dawnborn on Tue Feb 25, 2014 5:06 am

Hey folks,

Sorry for the long quiet on my part, but I have been sorting a few things in RL and am ready to get back to the guild management thingy.

I feel that the old structure of the guild is not going to work. The part where someone has to give up all rights and wealth etc when they join the guild (Or advance beyond a certain point).

In this idea I plan to create 2 main "progression" options within the Cathedral.

One where one chooses to be part of the Cathedral, but also maintain your position outside of the structure of the Cathedral (Basically like people who go to church and want to work with it.. but don't want to follow a higher calling and attain enlightenment within the faith).

The other is where people can advance themselves within the guild as a devoted follower of the Light. These would be the old priests and similar things.

If people have ideas and suggestions, please feel free to discuss them in this post.
Terrasha Dawnborn
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